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FAUN Trackway access and environment

Use a telehandler to lay the FAUN Trackway C40 track mat on the ground

Examples of using FAUN Trackway C40 track mat

FAUN TRACKWAY, the ultimate temporary roadway

- on soft ground

- on snow

- boat ramp kit for marine access

- vehicle recovery kit

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FAUN Trackway C40 track mat has an anti-slip shape and surface

FAUN Trackway C40 track mat made of aluminum alloy is designed:

- For a maximum length of 40 meters on a roll. You can extend or shorten track mats and make temporary roads and lanes of different lengths

- For standard widths of 3.3 meters or 4.2 meters

- For the vehicle's axle weight of 13 tons

- About 100 tons for the total weight of the vehicle

Lay a 40 m C40 track mat on the ground with a telehandler that can lift 6 tons

The transport weight of a full-scale FAUN Trackway C40, 40 m long track mat with a laying equipment is about 3,7 tons. In clayey and variable terrain, a telehandler with a lifting capacity of minimum 6 tons is recommended for laying it and rewinding it. For smaller telehandlers, use shorter track mats.

Quickly make temporary forest roads on soft terrain with FAUN Trackway C40 track mats. You get to the job site faster.